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Here at TDAC we firmly believe that good dental health is a critical component of your pet's overall health.  Dental disease can have impacts on all other body systems, including heart disease, diabetes regulation, joint disease, and kidney disease.  You can help your pet have good oral health from the day you bring them home.  Start by gently training your puppy or kitten to allow us to look at their mouth by lifting their lips.  Over time you can incorporate tooth brushing into your daily routine with your pet.  There are other home care options as well including dental chews, oral rinses, and special dental diets.  
But just like humans, our pets will need professional dental cleanings.  Especially when tartar is visibly present on the teeth, brushing at home is not enough and may become painful as teeth become diseased.  Some veterinary dental specialists recommend yearly cleanings for large dogs, and twice yearly cleanings for small dogs who build up tartar more quickly.  We encourage dental cleanings early in dental disease, when tartar is just starting to accumulate on the teeth.  At this point cleanings are truly preventing disease: removing tartar and plaque and restoring the teeth to normal health.  In later disease, when severe calculus has built up, there is inflammation of the gums (gingivitis), bone loss around the teeth, and loose or abscessed teeth, we cannot fully reverse the dental disease and may need to extract teeth to keep your pet healthy and pain free.

In order to serve your pet we offer routine dental cleanings as well as more advanced oral surgery including dental extractions and biopsies of abnormal tissue.  All of our dental services are performed under general anesthesia to allow a complete oral assessment, hand and ultrasonic scaling both above and below the gum line, digital radiographs (x-rays), tooth polishing, fluoride treatment, and dental extractions if needed.  Our dental package includes pre-operative blood work to screen for hidden organ abnormalities, IV fluids during the procedure, anesthesia monitoring, and the full dental cleaning and exam.  Oral surgery (extractions), x-rays, and pain medications carry additional fees.  Plan on dropping your pet off the morning of their procedure and picking them up later that afternoon, awake, comfortable, and ready to go!