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Why are annual wellness exams important?

Annual wellness exams are often seen as a difficult chore, especially when you have a cat or dog who is anxious about visiting the veterinarian.  With newer vaccine protocols calling for fewer yearly vaccines for many animals, this can make some people even less inclined to make the annual visit to the vet.  We also understand how difficult it is with busy schedules to make an extra trip through town, especially when we see many of your beloved pets for problem appointments throughout the year.  So why do we stress the importance of an annual exam?

Annual wellness exams are for more than vaccines.  This is a great time for the doctor to really sit down with you and discuss common health problems and make wellness plans tailored to your pet.   We may discuss dental care- whether that be letting you know that it is time to schedule a professional dental cleaning or making a home dental care plan for your pet.  Dietary questions are common concerns among pet owners and we can discuss appropriate diet and feeding plans for your animal.  We also take this opportunity to deworm your pet for the most common intestinal parasites which can be a source of human disease as well.

This is an excellent opportunity to ask any questions you may have thought of since your last exam but haven't been urgent enough to make a separate appointment for.  Tell us if your dog has been scooting on the carpet, or if your cat can't seem to get enough water lately.  Let us know if there have been lumps and bumps popping up, or if your normally active dog is suddenly dragging behind on his walks.  If there are extensive health issues to address, we may recommend working through the most urgent issues first and coming back to some more minor problems later, but we want to make sure we get to all your concerns.  

Annual wellness exams also give the doctors a chance to catch little problems before they may become big problems.  You see your pet every day and small changes may not be obvious.  But seeing your pet once or twice a year means we may be in a better position to recognize those small changes that are building up over time.  Recognizing problems early lets us start to manage those issues effectively rather than playing catch up when your animal is in crisis.

We are here during extended evening and weekend hours in order to better serve you and your furry family members.  Call for appointment availability- both for your wellness exam or any problems that crop up during the rest of the year!

See you soon!