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What you like the most about working in veterinary medicine:

I have always wanted to work with animals, so having the opportunity to work with them every day is truly a dream come true. 

What you find the most challenging about working in veterinary medicine: 

Not being able to save everyone’s best friend, and also not being able to take all the goldendoodle puppies home!

Your pets: 

Bella- My rescue Chihuahua

Penny: 1 year old Goldendoodle

Koda&Akita: Sister tabby cats

Leo: Orange tabby rescue kitty 

Your hobbies: Camping, hiking, spending time with my animals and family. 

Favorite food/movie/book/personal motto/hero/super power/etc: I love all food and also don’t have a favorite movie, but I love horror and documentaries. My motto is “you didn’t come this far too only come this far”.  If I had a superpower I’d want the power to heal.