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Licensed Veterinary Technician



Licensed Veterinary Technician


Education/Positon: BA in microbiology from WSU and ALMOST a Licensed Veterinary Technician

What you like the most about working in veterinary medicine: Everyday I am learning new skills, gaining new knowledge, and meeting new furry friends everyday! 

What you find the most challenging about working in veterinary medicine: 

Nail trims! 

Your pets: 

Stewie- 11 year old dog

Kuma- 9 year old dog

Yoshi- 6 year old dog

Luna- 4 year old cat

Your hobbies: Painting, drawing, watching movies and playing board games!

Favorite food/movie/book/personal motto/hero/super power/etc: My favorite movies are Mastermind, Elf, Greatest Showman and Chocolate. 

Motto: “Don't start none, won't be none!”